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The Horse – The Epic History of our Noble Companion (Wendy Williams) exLib $15
Rhodesian Horses Vol. II (Ed Philip Jonsson) 1968 h/c with d/j $25


Driving/Heavy/Working Horses

Clydesdales and Working Horses – A Pictoral History exLib
English Horse Drawn Vehicles (David Parry)
Draught Horse Power (Cliff Lea) exLib
Competition Carriage Driving (The Duke of Edinburgh)
The Heavy Horse (Keegan)
Horse-Drawn Vehicles (Donald J Smith)
Driving – the Development and use of Horse-Drawn Vehicles (Richardson)
Encyclopedia of Driving (Sallie Walrond)
The Coach Horse
Driving Horses (Bowers and Steward) exLib
Sports Driving (Amanda Saville) exLib
Breaking and Training the Driving Horse (Doris Ganton)
Horse-Drawn Vehicles (Ingram)
100 Horse Drawn Carriages (RA Brown)
Harnessing Up (Anne Norris)



Clinton Anderson’s DownUnder Horsemanship (C Anderson) exLib $15
Improve Your Horse’s Well-Being (Linda Tellington-Jones) $10
Centred Riding (Sally Swift)
This is Riding (Gunnar Hedlund)
Horse-friendly Riding – Schooling that puts the horse first (Susan McBane) exLib
The Less-Than-Perfect Rider (Lesley Bayley and Caronline Davis) exLib $15
Becoming an Effective Rider (Hill) exLib $15
The Gentle Art of Horseback Riding (Bucklin) exLib $15
Stop, go, Turn: Perfecting the Basics of Riding (Claire Lilley) exLib $15
How Good Riders Get Good (Denny Emerson) exLib $15
Learning to Ride as an Adult (Prockl) exLib $15
Captain Mark Phillips on Riding
Simple Steps to Riding Success (Liz Morrison) exLib $15
Riding – the True Techniques (Lucy Rees)
Modern Riding Techniques (Selme Brandt) exLib $15
Fundamentals of Riding – Learning the Essential Skills (Elwyn Hartley Edwards) exLib $15
Riding High (Colonel Sir Mike Ansell)
The Perfect Pony exLib
The Urban Horseman (Gordon)
Essential Riding (Price) exLib
Riding out for Everyone (Horse & Rider Magazine)
Riding with BP



Re-Educating Racehorses – a Life After Racing (Fred Cook and Rowena Jane Simmons) exLib
The Art of Liberty Training for Horses (Jonathan Field) exLib $15
From Leading to Liberty (Jutta Wiemeyer) exLib $15
Fitness for Horse & Rider (Jane Holderness-Roddam) exLib $15
Getting Horses Fit (Carolyn Henderson) exLib $15
The Competitor’s Handbook (Lesley Bayley) exLib $15
From Warming up to Cooling Down (Susan McBane) $20
Getting Horses Fit (Pillner & Davies) $20
Storey’s Guide to Training Horses exLib $15
The Complete Training of Horse and Rider (Alois Podhajsky)
101 Schooling Exercises for Horse & Rider (Jaki Bell) exLib $15
The Photographic Guide to Schooling Your Horse (Lesley Bayley) exLib $15
6 Steps to a Schooled Horse (Susan McBane) exLib $15


Thoroughbred breeding/genetics

The Scientific Principles of Thoroughbred Breeding, Parts 1,2,3 (Harold Hampton)
The Great Breeders and Their Methods (Hewitt)
Great Stud Farms of the World
Horse-Racing: The History of Thoroughbreds and a short history of the English Turf (Dennis Craig)
Genetic Heritage (McLean)
Upgrading Thoroughbred Families (Jack Glengarry)
The Science of Bloodstock Breeding (B. Vijay)
Analysis of Champion Racehorses (Peter Pring)
Breeding the Racehorse (Federico Tesio)
Bloodstock Breeding (Leicester)
Breeding for Racing (John Hislop)
Tesio – in his own words (Federico Tesio)
Breeding to Win (Michael Miller)
Breeding Racehorses by the Figure System (Bruce Lowe)



The Complete Blacksmith: Traditional Techniques for the Modern Smith (Sims) exLib $25
Practical Projects for the Blacksmith exLib $25
Saddlery and Horse Clothing (Jennifer Baker) $15
Bits, Bridles and Saddles (Culshaw) exLib $15
Tan Your Hide! (Hobson) $15
Saddlery: Modern Equipment for Horse and Stable (Elwyn Hartley Edwards) $15
Tack: How to Choose it and Use it (Carolyn Henderson) exLib $15
Stitch by Stitch (Diana Tuke) $15
How to Sew Leather, Suede, Fur (Schwebke/Krohn) $15
Tack and Clothing (Susan McBane) exLib $15



Horse Care/Manuals

Horse Manual – the complete guide to owning a horse or pony (Carolyn Henderson) exLib $15
The Horseman’s Manual (Elwyn Hartley Edwards) exLib $15
Ponycare Month by Month (Amanda Gavin) exLib $15
The Horse and Pony Handbook (Appleton)
Horse and Pony Care Guide
Your Horse and Pony (MI Clarke)
Keeping and Riding Horses in Town (Christine E Jones)
Safe Horse, Safe Rider (Haas) exLib $15
The BHS First Pony Manual (Debby Frowen and Medeleine Ridge) exLib $15
The Parents’ Pony Book (Carolyn Henderson)
Horse and Pony Owner exLib $15
Pony Club Manual 1 NZ exLib
Pony Club Manual 2 NZ



The Secret Language of Horses – The Body Language of Equine Bodies (Heather Dunphy) $10
The Injured Horse – Hands-on Methods for Managing & Treating Injuries (Amanda Sutton) exLib $10
Natural Horse Care (Pat Coleby) $15
Steady your Spooky Horse (Jim B) exLib $15


Young Horses

Breaking and Training Your Horse (Sheila Roughton) exLib $15
The Early Training of the Horse (RI Ffrench Blake)
Training your Own Young Horse (Jan Dickerson)
Educating Horses (Tony Sandall) exLib $15
Training the Young Horse (Anthony Crossley) exLib $15
Breaking and Training Young Horses (Christopher and Victoria Coldrey) $15
Training your Colt to Ride and Drive (Arco) exLib $15
Educating Horses from Birth to Riding (Peter A Jones)
The Gentle Art of Horsebreaking (RA Murray)
The Young Horse (Elaine Knox-Thompson & Suzanne Dickens) NZ
Train Your Young Horse (Richard Maxwell and Sam Maxwell)



101 Horsemanship Exercises (Rio Barrett) exLib $15
Advanced Training for the Dressage Horse (Tricia Gardiner) exLib $15
Riding Logic (W Museler) $20
Common Sense Dressage (O’Connor) $15
Dressage as Art in Competition (JA Allen) $15
Dressage Priority Points (Richard Davison) exLib $15
Real Life Dressage (Carl Hester and Polly Ellison) exLib $15
Dressage – A Study of the Finer Points of Riding (Henry Wynmalen) s/c Wilshire Edition



Training the Modern Show Jumper (Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst) exLib $15
200+ School Exercises with Poles (Claire Lilley) exLib $15
Riding and Jumping Clinic (Anne Kursinski) exLib $15
Training the Show Jumper (Stephen Hadley) $15
Courses for Horses (Christopher Coldrey) exLib
The Handbook of Jumping Essentials (Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu) exLib $15
Showjumping: Preparation, Training and Competition (John Smart) exLib $15
V is for Victory (Harvey Smith)
Jumping (Naldrett)
Alwin Schockemohle (Ulrich Kaiser)
Jumping Explained (Ward Lock)
Dorian William’s World of Show Jumping (Purnell)
Training Showjumpers (Antony Paalman)
The Show Jumping Year (Lt-Col Harry Llewellyn)
Training the Show Jumper (Stephen Hadley)
Training the Modern Show Jumper (Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst) exLib $15
Show Jumping (Pat Smythe)
Pat Smythe’s Book of Horses
Horses and Places (Pat Smythe)
David Broome’s Training Manual (Marcy Pavord, pics Bob Langrish) exLib $15
Junior Show Jumping (Judy Crago)
Alan Oliver’s Book of Horsemanship (Muller)
Marion Coakes’ Book of Horses No 2
Clear Round!
Show Jumping; records, facts and champions (Judith Draper)
Jumo-Off (David Broome)
British Show Jumpers (Genevieve Murphy)
Reflections on Riding and Jumping (William Steinkraus) exLib $15
Around the World for a Horse (Christ Larter)
The Horseman’s Year 1950-1951 (W.E. Lyon)
The Girls Book of Horses and Riding (Jennifer and Dorian Williams)
Showjumping (Coloman de Bolgar)

Modern Eventing (Phillip Dutton) exLib $15


Arabian Horses

Arabian Horse Breeding (Borden)
The Arabian Horse (RS Summerhays)
Know the Arabian Horse (Farnam)
The Classic Arabian Horse (Judith Forbis)


Childrens – hardcover 1st ed with dustjacket
Coming soon!



Misty of Chincoteague (Henry/Dennis) 1st edn
King of the Wind (Hanry/Dennis) 1st edn
The Silver Brumby – Centenary Edition (Elyne Mitchell) s/c exLib $10
Flip (Dennis)
Afraid to Ride (CW Anderson)


Wild Horses

New Zealand Wild Horses (Harvie Morrow) NZ
Wild Horses (Elwyn Hartley Edwards) exlib $20


Non Fiction

Boots & Bridles: 50 Years of New Zealand Pony Club NZ
The Rider’s Fitness Program (Dennis/McCully) exLib $15
The Truth About Horses (Andrew McLean) exLib $215
Horse Sanctuary exLib $15
A Passion for Donkeys (Elisabeth Svendesen) exlib $20
Riding the Greenstone Trail (Jennifer Macdonald)
The Byerley Turk (Jeremy James) (brand new) $20
Chosen by a Horse (Susan Richards) exLib
A Great Run (Russell) NZ
Eighty Years with Horses (LRC Macfarlane) NZ
Horses and Ponies (Georgie Henschel)
Horse (Elaine Walker) ExLib
The Spanish Riding School of Vienna – Wembley October 1969 programme


Harness Racing

One Hundred Years of Trotting 1877-1977 (Greg Brown) $10
New Zealand Trotting Greats (Ron Bisman) $10


Racing: Horse Biography

Cardigan Bay – Superstar (Sybil McKenzie) exLib $20
Mr Darley’s Arabian (Christopher McGrath) exLib $20
The Phar Lap Story (Michael Wilkinson)


Racing: Training

Racehorse Training & Feeding – Modern and Scientific Conditioning Methods (Dr Philp Swann) $20


Thoroughbred Racing (non fiction)

Lester’s Derbys exLib $10
Give a Man a Horse NZ exLib $10
Grenville (Jim Knight)
Dead Certs and Dog Food (Keenan)
An Arm and Four Legs (Stan Hay)
Take My Tip
My Greatest Race (edited by John Hughes)
Century of Champions (Mark Taylor) NZ
The Race of My Life (Compiled by Sean Magee)
The Epsom Derby (Roger Mortimer with Tim Neligan)
Horse Racing Heroes (Peter O’Sullevan)
They’re Racing!
NZ Thoroughbred Annual 34th Edition NZ
NZ Galloping Greats (John Costello) NZ
Flat Race Jockeys: The Great Ones (Tim Fitzgerald-Parker) exLib $10
The Radio New Zealand Racing Show Book NZ
How to Pick a Winner (Mary Mountier)
Classic Lives (Caroline Silver)
Great Races (Sean Magee) exLib
The World Encyclopedia of Horse Racing (Ennor and Mooney)
The Racegoers Encyclopedia (John White)
Two Over Three on Goodtime Sugar – The NZ TAB Turns 50 (David G) NZ
Road to the National (Rosemary Henderson)
42 Days at the Races (Helen Thomas)
My Racing Heart – The Passionate World of Thoroughbreds and the Track (Nan Mooney)
Three Strides Before the Wire – The Dark and Beautiful World of Horse Racing (Elizabeth Mitchell)



The Noble Horse (Bateman)
The Horse Lover’s Companion (Judith Draper)
The Country Life Book of The Horse (Robert Owen)
Galloping off in all Directions – an anthology for horse lovers
Encyclopedia of the Horse
Spirit – A book of happiness for horse lovers $10



Breed of Giants (Joyce Stranger)



Polo (Susan Barrantes)
The Pimm’s Book of Polo (John Lloyd)
Polo (Peter Grace)
Polo – The Savile Cup (TP McLean) NZ
Polo in New Zealand (KM Little) NZ



Talking about Horse (Princess Anne and Mark Phillips)
Riding through My Life (Princess Anne) exLib $10
The Queen Rides (Judith Campbell)
Princess Anne Champion of Europe
The Royal Mews (Mary Stewart-Wilson)
Prince Charles Horseman (Michael Clayton)
Royal Horses (Judith Campbell) exLib
Princess on a Pony (Young World)
All the Queen’s Horses (2002)


Thoroughbred Racing – Fiction (l/f – large format; pb – paperback) $5 each or bulk deal
Bred to Win (William Kinsolving) l/f h/c
Warrior’s Son (Peter Burden) h/c
Dead Heat (Murray) h/c
Punter’s Turf (Peter Klein) pb
Death of a Racehorse (John Creasey) pb
King of the Roses (VS Anderson) pb
Classic Lines (Dick Francis & John Welcome) h/c
Field of Thirteen (Dick Francis) l/f h/c
Decider (Dick Francis) l/f h/c
Comeback (Dick Francis) pb
Longshot (Dick Francis) pb
Pulse (Felix Francis) l/f
Damage (Felix Francis) l/f
Cover Up (John Francome) l/f
Inside Track (John Francome) l/f
Outsider (John Francome) l/f
Rough Ride (John Francome)  pb
Tip Off (John Francome)  pb
The Inheritance (Jenny Pitman) pb
The Dilemma (Jenny Pitman) pb
The Vendetta (Jenny Pitman) pb