Successful Showing, by Stuart Hollings


1991 hardcover.

ISBN 9781852232719 (ISBN10: 1852232714)

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Ex Library; in great condition with a covered dustjacket.

Written by Stuart Hollings, the founder of Pendle Stud who is also a board member of the British Show Horse Association.

Today’s show ring is the showcase of the modern-day horse and pony. Winning depends on presentation and handling as much as the animal’s breeding. Hollings, an expert in the art of ringcraft, passes on his many years of experience and gives the reader an insight into his own view of the showing world.

Essentially practical, this book covers all areas of production and management in relation to the show animal, from care, grooming and training at home, to behaviour and dress on the day and in the ring. Based on the author’s considerable experience, there is an extensive chapter on in hand showing, as well as information on what the judges are looking for in all the major classes. Filling in the background of the modern-day show world, the author recounts both the historical origins of classes such as the Hack, and the recent histories of all the major championships and their winners. The author’s own knowledge is complemented by a chapter of ‘expert opinions’ from top people in the showing world.

Successful Showing is illustrated with carefully chosen photographs that reveal the high standards of presentation necessary for success in the ring. This informative book will provide fascinating reading to those presently involved in the showing world, and essential guidance and advice to those just entering.