Royal Heritage – the story of Jordan’s Arab Horses


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by HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein and Peter Upton

Medina Publishing, July 2011

210 x 218 mm Portrait, 256pp hardcover

ISBN: 978-0-9564170-4-6

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Who better to write a book about the origins and history of the Arabian horse in Jordan than HRH Princess Alia, the eldest daughter of the late King Hussein, and noted artist and author Peter Upton?

Both need no introduction to the Arabian horse world – indeed, they hold various important positions in the Arabian and horse worlds, and, closer to home, are both patrons of the New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society.

Following the foreword by her sister, FEI Honorary President Princess Haya, and some background on the history of the nation of Jordan by Prince Rashid Al Hassan, Princess Alia takes us into the world of Jordan’s Royal Stables.

In settling on a format for the book, Princess Alia decided to write about her memories and experiences in her own words, thus avoiding what can often be a dry chronological style. This has been successful as her resulting section “The Story so Far”, is an engrossing read. It’s not just names and pedigrees, as is so often the case in a “breed” book.

So Royal Heritage is part personal memoir and part history — and told in a most readable and fascinating way.

The book is full of photographs – both historic and modern day — there is always at least one image per spread. The student of breeding and conformation will enjoy seeing the family’s personal collection of photographs of people and horses.

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